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bright lights, loud noises: about


this is not about a girl
and it’s not about drinking
or youth or
good times or bad times

it’s about
how the haircuts and the
oil changes stack up
on each other,
about how it seems like
your nails need to be trimmed every other day,
how it’s impossible to keep the apartment clean,
about how…


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I had it but my fears pushed it away

I had it but my fears pushed it away

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Things that bother me: an on going discovery.

Text to my Angler that go unreturned for 15 min or more.

Why? He makes me crazy. I hate that.

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I want someone that can feed my soul with words

Someone who can give me the love I need

I want someone with whom I can share my thoughts with

Someone that can satisfy my hunger

I want you…

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I’m a mole fan, happy homecoming

I’m a mole fan, happy homecoming

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Is This Love


I sometimes wonder is this love
my senses in perpetual overload
your beauty mystifies them all
and I have never walked this road

I long to trace your saffron skin
each wondrous mystery to reveal
then fall asleep in your perfection
my beauty dreaming perfectly still

I can’t help but wonder is this love
she’s never before been kind to me
and yet each time I see you smile
my heart says YES, this has to be

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